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...Surprised "Well, Hello Audrey!"

Here she is! Thank you to my sister and her family for bestowing me with this MASSIVE framed photo of the one and only Hollywood goddess Audrey Hepburn. This is Audrey in her 1961 megahit "Breakfast at Tiffany's."

Now full disclosure, I have precious remaining white space on my walls, or at least white space that I'm willing to forego for a wall hanging. My new abode has high ceilings, nicely painted white walls, and I'm careful not to "busy up" the walls too much, or to have competing artwork. So where to put Audrey?

Well, who knew that Audrey would look so splendid like this. In fact, this "cozying up to the floor" has become a theme with a few of the art pieces in my new place. I'd like to think it adds to the the industrial artsy chic "vibe" in my casa.

Anyway, she's next to my treasured faux palm tree and MASSIVE blue ceramic planter. I think she's found her home (smile). She's very French Riviera to me, merci beaucoup (repeat smile). Welcome, Audrey!



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