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ABOUT  color me...

"Literary, Bright, a Wisp of Old World and Old Hollywood Whimsy"

Channeling my Doña Esquina

           (a.k.a. brave actress?)                Spain 1996


Welcome to my "vintage pop" world.  Here it is – my blog.  Herein lies a compendium (big word!) of my favorite arts & culture "ditties."  It's a pop culture blog with a vintage twist  – a nod to the classic,  elusively historical, and "off-the-GPS map" delightful.

My three loves are travel, food, and film.


I’ve traveled a lot:  enjoyed tulip-strolls in Holland, pyramids in Mexico, a castle south of London.  You get the gist.  One of my favorite memories is sharing coffee and cookies with the future Vice President of Uruguay, while in a business meeting in Montevideo.  Note – this is after I shook hands with his boss, the Prez, the day before.  I also can't forget La Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires where I whispered my best Broadway Evita.  "Don't cry for me, Argentina!"

​Oh, and I regularly roamed the streets of New York City and Madrid, Spain, while in college.


As for ol' gastronomia, I've eaten at enough restaurants to maybe, just possibly, be branded an unofficial, untrained "foodie.”  My "taste" for adventure is quite literal.


And, I’ve seen enough movies to, well, use phrases like "brilliantly cast” and “haunting cinematography” without cracking a smirk (though eliciting one from my "less artsy" Mom).

My current mission is simple – to have fun sharing my impressions with you, and to leave you happy and inspired.  Why not try a food you swore off at age ten?  That stinky herring is still calling your name, its teeny voice drifting over those fantastical cliffs of the Norwegian fjords.  Call back to it – "Yes, my stinky delish-fish, I've missed you!"  And why not use all that antiquated pocket change for an old-fashioned matinee? Do an Old Hollywood chassé!!!

Vintage is ROCKIN'.  History is cool.  It reminds us of who we were, and just how richly beautiful and complex our human story has always been.

So, I hope you'll join me, darling.  A bright kaleidoscope of color (and culture) awaits.

My first treat is Color Me... Picasso "This Is What We Do."

  • Joslyn Jay 

  • ​January 10, 2016 (the start of something fun)


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