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...Super-Excited "Welcome to 'The Toast' on Flickside!"

I am super-excited to share this film lover news. Yours truly has a new featured series on my FAVE film review pub called Flickside ( In addition to the film reviews that I publish here, you may also go to Flickside to view my bi-monthly tributes to movie stars. First up for my launch month of April, we had Gregory Peck and Meryl Streep.

Who will be next?

Rest assured, whoever I choose will receive quite the bubbly "champagne" treatment. I want all my toasts to be positive, informative, and a slice of literary fun. It's all about celebrating art!

So feel free to check back here from time to time to see who I'm currently "toasting." Or you can go directly to Flickside, as well as Instagram (@joslyn_the_toast).

Wish me luck on this new writing adventure. And a HUGE thank you to Flickside!



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