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...Sunny Side Up "The Drew Barrymore Show"

Yes, 2020 has a silver lining. Or should I say a ray of sunlight. “The Drew Barrymore Show” debuted on September 14, 2020, on CBS, and our pandemic-weary world is all the better for it. Bravo, Drew. I’m luvin’ your sweet yellow wall of VFFs (virtual friends and family), showcasing pandemic ingenuity at its entertainment-finest. A live audience, but not in-studio? Keepin’ all those Drew-lovers safe? BRILLIANT.

I’m also thoroughly enjoying “Drew’s News” with all its topical TV screens (Pop Culture, Sports, Beauty, etc.) Oh, and its giant world map and time-zone clocks are pretty cool, too. The set decor makes me feel all "snug as a bug" in a bustling news room rug, all Woodward and Bernstein Watergate-style. Only in Drew’s case the news is usually pretty fun. And certainly quirky.

Averse to unearthing “hard” political news like the aforementioned W & B duo did (the rough 'n tumble ain't everyone's jam), Drew is telling us all about fuzzy stinging caterpillars. They STING?! Totally. BEWARE! E.T.’s “Grown-up Gertie” is keepin’ us safe. Thanks for the tip. We’re also learning about adorable pug dogs that herd cattle. Look how fast they run! And there’s an El Arroyo restaurant sign out in Texas that is posting some truly witty “pandemic humor.” Let me order my AAA triptik for THAT road trip. FUN!

Tune in to see inspirational celebrity interviews, as well as interviews with regular, everyday folks doing truly amazing things. Drew is all about bringin’ the positivity. How can you not love that? Jane Fonda, Charlize Theron, then the Waterbury, CT, man who saved a family from a burning van?! Yup, they all get a spotlight. She also has cute beauty and cooking segments. Gotta remember to go to the show’s website and pluck a few “ripe” recipes.

All told, “The Drew Barrymore Show” is a yellow sunflower of a show destined to be a hit. It’s got one of the cutest, or possibly the cutest, child stars from the 1980s. (As I’m almost the same age as Drew, I remember watching her movies during her 1980s heyday, and living vicariously through each of her characters. I wanted to be little Drew, the actress! Total sidebar!)

So happy that we’re graced with grown-up, real-life Drew. She’s stepped away from Hollywood, and showing us her true personality whose message of sunshine and inclusion is desperately needed right now. It would’ve been a soothing balm in a “non” pandemic world. But today? Even more of a beautiful spa experience. AHHH.

So, in honor of this sweet, cool chick, please see the below movie list. It's Drew circa those stonewashed, Cabbage Patch Kids, gummy-shoes 1980s. Hope you enjoy watching these vintage gems.


"E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" (1982): Drew plays sweet lil' sis to a sweet lil' alien. Favorite Drew line: "I don't like his feet."

"Firestarter" (1984): Supernatural Drew starts fires and a whole lotta mayhem. Adore the fireballs and wind-in-the-hair effect. Memorable Drew line: "Back off."

"Irreconcilable Differences" (1984): Drew schools Hollywood grown-ups on proper parenting etiquette. Perfect Drew dramedy. Have tissues handy.

"Cat's Eye" (1985): Poor little Drew is stuck in an awesome Stephen King horror flick. But at least she's got the cat. Go, General.



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