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...Brightly Sentimental "Adios to the Fiesta Room"

In a big crash, bam, boom – I have moved from my infamous “2-bedroom on the 10th floor,” which included my sweetly monikered guest bedroom called the “fiesta room.” It’s been an amazing ten years in my sanctuary in the sky. But, as the saying goes – “What goes up must come down.” I moved for a variety of reasons – and I actually didn’t move far. Still, the sweeping panoramic view of my little city is no longer. I’ll miss the dazzling skyscraper skyline seen from my 10th floor terrace and master bedroom – where I could also “almost” glimpse the bustling blue waters of Long Island Sound. And, I’ll always hanker for that “close to God” serenity I felt living so high up away from the world. Seeing the sun rise and set so proudly each day, gazing a big billowy white cloud lounging across a blue horizon, and watching the occasional angry storm plotting its incoming paces – I had a unique view of the world no doubt. It was always beautiful, breathtaking – and contemplative.

But, back to that “fiesta room.” Lovingly coined the “fiesta room” by its first overnight guest back in 2010, this room has been a haven for all my treasured Latin American “objets d’art.” I’ve loved Latin America since I was a little girl, and I’ve been collecting colorful South of the Border artifacts since forever. Think Guatemalan worry dolls, bold red and blue Mexican blankets, and more than a few pairs of musical maracas. Then, when I started traveling to the region as an adult in 1996 – imagine how my Latam stash increased exponentially. I became a downright Latam knick-knack hoarder! And back Stateside, I even bought furniture that I painted in the spirit of Latin America’s renowned “vibrancy.” All hail my lime green bookcase and zesty orange desk!

I know I give “odes” to Latin America all the time, so I’ll spare further Latin America back-story. Sufficed to say, I traveled the region, far and wide, “hung” with a few Presidents, ate some great Argentinean steak, drank some soothing Chilean wine, and even gazed up at a Costa Rican volcano. It’s no surprise that I would want to pay homage to this wondrous wanderlust chapter of my life after my Latam travels ceased in 2008. My decision to create a “fiesta” themed guest bedroom in 2010 only seemed natural. After all, where on earth was I going to store all my colorful chotchkies, right?

So I’m sad to say “adios” to my “fiesta room.” But I’m so happy that more than a friend or two, and family member or two, dropped anchor there between 2010 and 2020. In many ways, my “fiesta room” was the nerve center of my “2-bedroom on the 10th floor.” I did my creative writing at my orange desk. I often took naps on that bright red comforter with the comfy orange and yellow pillows – not wanting to “tousle” the carefully coiffed bedding of my master bedroom. And finally, during the pandemic, my “fiesta room” served as Grand Central station for my 9am teleconference meetings with colleagues. This room, if it was a human, has been through a lot!

Still, life is often about change, and learning how to carry those things that we love with us from place to place – sometimes figuratively, but also literally. We don’t have to say goodbye if we don’t want to. Therefore, I bid a happy farewell to the “fiesta room,” as I transfer all those lovable belongings to my new grounded “1-bedroom on the 2nd floor.” I technically downsized to a 1-bedroom, though my new place has more square footage. I also have a washer/dryer and covered parking. What valuable amenities!

So, my lime green bookcase, zesty orange desk, and regally draped-in-pearls Day of the Dead Catrina, bienvenidos to your new home! May you find peace and happiness here. Cheers to our new 2nd floor sanctuary – surrounded by grass and squirrels.

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