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...Lunar White and Sunny Orange "Happy Birthday Nat and Bob!"

In honor of summer which is my favorite season, here are are two of my favorite summer celebrity birthdays. It's fellow Cancerian and lovely Lunar Lady, Natalie Wood. Her birthday is July 20th. And beside her is sunny Leo the Lion, Robert Redford. His birthday is August 18th.

Starring together in two of my favorite flicks ("Inside Daisy Clover," 1965, and "This Property Is Condemned," 1966), I just can't get enough of these two. I'd happily watch any movie they're in. On that note, Natalie Wood makes a quick cameo in the Robert Redford flick, "The Candidate," in 1972. I even love this teeny-tiny slice of screen-time together. Oh yes!

So when ruminating on which Flickside article photos I should purchase at Fracture, and display in home as my Flickside publishing homage, these two stars of course came to mind. They are two actors who complement each other so beautifully together on-screen, as in visually, energetically, and all the rest. I also love that they were close pals off-screen, too.

In fact, legend has it that the astrological sign of Cancer (Nat) which is ruled by the Moon, and Leo (Bob) which is ruled by Sun, typically shouldn't get along due to their water/fire combo. But, these two signs notoriously do get along, quite famously actually (pun intended). What shimmering pixie-dust folklore.

So, much love to Natalie Wood and Robert Redford. You are forever part of my home. I'm so happy that I had the opportunity to write two Flickside articles about you. And oh yeah, Happy Summer Birthday!!!



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