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...Hopeful "Round #2 of COVID Cooking"

Back by popular demand, I unveil a new round of fun foodie pix.

Might the below bright dishes reflect a sunny end-in-sight to all of our stay-at-home restrictions? One can only hope.

For us Connecticans, the potential re-open date is May 20th – this week!

We’ve all been through a lot. But similar to my April COVID food post, hopefully the below homemade masterpieces make you smile – even if only for a moment.

Food is nourishing, flavorful, and colorful.

And someday soon – hopefully food can be “social” again, too.

Greek Spanakopeta

Let’s start with a “delish-dish” Greek recipe. If you’ve never tried Greek Spanakopeta, you’re missing out big-time. Flaky crust, rich tasty spinach, salty-to-perfection feta cheese – this dish comes out of the oven piping hot, and it’s an excellent pick for dinner. It’s also a prime example of “the sum being greater than the total of its parts.” All the ingredients blend extremely well together, making it a “food synergy masterpiece.” Thanks to the ultimate Greek god, Zeus himself, (and my good friend!) for bestowing us with this Mediterranean treasure.

Chicken Marsala

Like the fine cooking wine it simmers in, chicken marsala is one of the finest, most luxurious dishes to cook at home. It’s got good old-fashioned class. Take chicken cutlets, marsala wine (I hear a “dry” marsala wine is best), and then tasty mushrooms and greens (optional). Note – you can make the mushroom marsala sauce to your liking. Keep it dark, or for a lighter-colored and richer-tasting version, add a touch of cream. It’s lip-smacking good (though being an “upscale” dish, foregoing a lip-smack for a tidy napkin wipe is recommended :)

Apple Fritters

Let’s face it. After staying home for so many weeks, it’s only natural to crave sweets. I love the “look” of these apple fritters – truly sweet and New Englandy. They remind me of where I grew up in Connecticut – a dreamy place called Diamond Hill, once a huge swath of apple orchards before becoming a bona-fide “neighborhood” with houses built in the Baby Boom 1950s. Thus, I’m a big lover of all treats “apple.” It’s in my DNA.

Fiesta Omelette

A special treat only for Cinco de Mayo? No way. This “fiesta” omelette is a worthy treat for any confined-to-the-home citizen on any day of the year. Oh, when will this pandemic end??? Let the stress of the pandemic fade away, as you chop your veggies, whisk your eggs, and sprinkle your monterey jack cheese. Here we have diced red peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, onions, and mushrooms. What a lovely Mexican rainbow. Olé!

Dutch Tomato Soup

A staple in our Dutch home, this dish is all about warmth. It encircles you in a hug. It’s a tomato base, then stew meat, cute mini-meatballs, rice, and leek. Our family has been enjoying this comfort food for years, and like any great ethnic dish – its recipe has been passed down for generations. I’m so happy my sisters are now cooking it. Quick note – it tastes best with a dash of Maggi, which is a very popular seasoning for the Dutch. Spritz a little right before your first bite. Eet smakelijk!

Roasted Chicken a la Barefoot Contessa

Raved about my good friend, this recipe is easy to find on the Barefoot Contessa website. Just enter “roasted chicken” and then voila! It’s a feast for the eyes – so succulent and brown. She also made a dish of gorgeous potatoes and carrots (her personal recipe and not the contessa’s). This is a warm spring dish, best enjoyed on a cool spring night. And it’s one of those dishes that can last two or three days – it’s definitely “leftover” friendly.

And finally...

Mom’s MAMMOTH Mother’s Day Mediterranean Omelette

Yes, I cook and christen you an alliteration of the letter “M.” But maybe the most important “M” of all is “Mmmmmm…” I loved whipping up this omelette for dear old mom on May 10th. I used six eggs, water (I like my omelettes with water and no milk), then diced tomatoes, spinach, and mozzarella cheese. Add a generous sprinkling of Italian seasoning and salt & pepper, and then let this dish simmer its way to perfection in 20 minutes. I love how positively THICK and delicious it looks. Even better, it tasted fabulous. See below cameo of my mom. I think she liked it! Happy Mother’s Day!!!



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