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...Bamboo Green "Pho Fan's Vietnamese Restaurant"

Trying a new ethnic cuisine is a lot like visiting an amusement park. So many fun rides to choose from (aka menu items). Each representing a varyng degree of bravery (leisurely ferris wheel or instead rip-roaring rollercoaster?). At the new Pho Fan’s Vietnamese restaurant, adventuring into a new palate was truly a fun ride. Yup, you guessed it. I mean, it was DELICIOUS.

Greeted by a dining room donning a warm, exotic faux green bamboo ceiling, I was struck by just how well-furnished and inviting Pho Fan’s was. Some restaurants are all about the food, but it can’t be denied that some patrons appreciate a little upscale ambience. And I’m one of those patrons.

But back to the food. The menu at Pho Fan’s is delightful. It’s extensive and diverse, which is to say it has awesome “traditional” Vietnamese staples like pho (noodle soup). But it also pays gastronomic homage to Vietnam's French colonial roots (late 1800s to 1950s) with a few “baguette” sandwich options. It also even scoots geographically westward to offer that highly popular “Thai milk tea.” Mmm.

My first outing to Pho Fan’s I tried the cold rice vermicelli (noodles) with lemongrass boneless spare ribs. It comes with a delectable fish sauce, is sprinkled with peanuts (but you can easily remove these if allergic), and then an array of refreshing raw vegetables. Think cucumber, carrot, lettuce, and fried onion. You’re also given one mint leaf, which I took to be my little gastronomic “token of good luck.” Now first things first. If you’re expecting these noodles to be hot, as I was at this inaugural outing (being the Vietnamese food rookie that I was), you’re definitely in for a surprise. But once you dive in, it’s AMAZING. There’s a long-held belief that cold meals aren’t as tasty as hot ones, but this dish disproved that. What’s more, when my bowl was empty, I felt completely satiated, but not ready to slump down into that notorious food-coma. The food was “just right” in terms of the “fill factor.” Not too heavy. And not still hungry.

However, for my second wondrous Pho Fan’s outing, I did try a hot dish. Have to go for that famous Vietnamese pho soup, right? Imagine beef broth with brisket. These thin slices of protein are sprinkled with lemon, cilantro, onion, and a few other “tasties” of your choosing. It’s all resting atop a liquid bed of rice vermicelli noodles. All I can say is PHENOMENAL. No wonder pho is Vietnamese’s national dish. Doubly phenomenal, the Pho Fan’s menu boasts nine impressive pho options. Nine! So whatever suits your fancy, you’re likely to find your personal “fave pho.”

As for sides, there’s an assortment of dumplings, scallion pancakes, and other popular Asian items. But all in all, if going to Pho Fan’s, why not focus on those trademark Vietnamese dishes? They’re delectable. The Pho Fan’s staff is also excellent, which makes this restaurant truly an “A” experience. Thank you, Pho Fan’s.



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