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...Baby Blue "My Argentina-Themed Bathroom?"

Never did I think I would write a post about my bathroom. Errr. What can I say. I moved last September, and since then the decorating colors in my new place took shape a la a fun adventure of “Around the World in 80 Days.” Examples: Moroccan mosaic-blue for my living room. A warm English pub-brown for my dining room. Then Egyptian Sahara-beige, sunset-yellow, charcoal-black, and dove-white for my bedroom. Big exhale! (But the neutrals blend so well they’re like one delectably unified color. Ahhh.)

But, back to my bathroom. It all started with my beloved large-framed photograph of Buenos Aires, Argentina, aptly titled “Argentina 2004.” I had taken this photo on my business trip there, and I’d always loved how the lapiz-blue sky seemed to envelop the futuristic waterfront skyscrapers of Puerto Madero, giving them, too, the pretty "illusion" of being blue. How groovy. I was downright enraptured from my hotel room window.

What's more, the blue color reminded me of Argentina’s flag, which, too, is a pretty, serene baby blue. So, I knew right then that this photo MUST find a place in my home. And that it did. Right above my living room sofa. BUT, that was my old place.

Where would I put it in my new home? Good question. Having been graciously blessed by the “big bathroom” gods in my new pandemic pad (a family member said to me, “OMG, you can do a cartwheel in here!”), I knew just where “Argentina 2004” would look great. But it didn’t end there. After a bit of Amazon sleuthing, I came across pink Pampas flowers. Yes, who knew that Pampas flowers could be pink?! There are naturally-occurring pink Pampas flowers. Like "sprouting from the prairie" pink. How fascinating. Pink is also the color of Argentina's main federal building. The USA has the White House. Theirs is called la Casa Rosada (the Pink House). So of course I clicked “Order” on those beautiful pink flower-babies ASAP. I then patiently waited weeks for them to arrive directly from South America. They’re now in a clear glass vase brightening up my bathroom.

Now what’s so amazing about the Pampas? The Pampas are like the Great American West, but in South America. They encompass parts of Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina. They’re fertile prairie land that is home to South American cowboys (called gauchos), and more than a few hundred, thousand, million cattle. The people of the Pampas have their own traditions and folklore that have been passed down for generations. It’s a wild, beautiful, open place, which is definitely on my bucket-list. I envision myself going horseback riding, feasting on delicious steak, red wine, and sitting outside at night under those bright white stars.

But, I still needed something else “Argentina” for my bathroom. After all, two items does not a “theme” constitute, right? Well all hail my big rectangular painting of succulents. Yes, succulent plants, too, exist out in that fairytale-land called the Pampas. And the soft colors of the baby blue plants sitting sweetly inside their baby pink pots were a perfect match. So there you go. Get a few more baby blue and baby pink items, and my Argentina-themed bathroom was complete. Who would’ve guessed. An Argentina-themed bathroom? Gracias, Argentina. You continue to inspire me after all these years. I’m so grateful for your sweet, wild beauty. It's simply succulent (wink).



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