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...In Pink Cursive "An Affair to Remember"

I finish this third blog year with a movie that “started it all.” Cue the waiter with pink champagne. And where's that Dramamine for seasickness? “An Affair to Remember,” you chic, 1950s shipboard romance – sparkling up Old Hollywood like a diamond on the crest of a wave – you enchanted me three years ago as you still do today.

It was December 27, 2015. I had just returned home from celebrating Christmas with family in my snowy, rustic New England world. I cuddled up on my toasty couch to watch TCM (Turner Classic Movies). What movie was on? You guessed it – “An Affair to Remember.” But it was already twenty minutes in. Blast. So I watched only a bit. After all, I had heard what a legendary romance movie this was. Take a few sips of the pink bubbly, but no more, right? Well, those few minutes had me hooked. Deborah Kerr and Cary Grant were sitting back-to-back at a fancy restaurant, all bathed in crisp 1950s CinemaScope color. The scene looked fresh, exciting – and the funny looks and mumblings between these two spirited actors intrigued me. Hmmm.

So the next morning I sauntered over to my TV, hoping that TCM had uploaded “An Affair to Remember” to their digital On Demand overnight. BINGO. I again cuddled up on my toasty couch and, this time, watched this movie from start to finish. I was beyond delighted, captivated, as I was whisked away to a far-off 1950s world.

To quote Deborah Kerr’s character of Terry McKay, who says, “Order the bouillabaisse, it’s superb,” I say, “Order ‘An Affair to Remember,’ it’s superb.” It’s a 1950s gem that still sparkles and holds up breathtakingly well in 2018. From its opening scene with romantic pink cursive credits (sublime!), Vic Damone song, and a sweet shot of a snowy Manhattan, to the tearjerker final scene with Deborah Kerr and Cary Grant passionately embracing, I immediately chastise myself – “Why did it take me until age 39 to watch this movie???”

But better late than never. “An Affair to Remember” is a powerhouse romance. It blends idealistic dreaminess with tough reality. It has charm and wit, sadness and uncertainty. It also hearkens back to bygone days when folks still regularly sailed the Atlantic on luxurious ocean liners (tres chic!) instead of flying – and romance was often innocent kisses and discussions about shared wholesome values.

Now I won’t spoil the plot for those who haven’t watched it yet. Just know that I have dubbed “An Affair to Remember” – “Quite possibly the most PERFECT romance movie ever made.” If you haven’t seen it, please do. It brightened my Christmas three years ago – like a gorgeous thousand-watt light bulb. A week later I launched this blog. Never underestimating the value of a smile, I knew that I wanted my blog, like "An Affair to Remember," to be bright, fun, light, and warm. Three years in, I hope that I’m succeeding. And by the way, wink-wink, I’ve started to wear pearls (tres chic!).

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