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  • Jennifer

...Amazed "I Did It!"

After writing it, editing it, and then editing it some more... after printing it, copying it, and choosing photos galore... after scanning, cutting out captions, saving on thumb drives, and finally, cost-comparing binding options... big breath... I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is my memoir called "this is not a memoir." It was with "joy and ease" that I wrote this ironic 54,000-word ditty that talks about being single, childless, and HAPPY at forty. Yes, it is possible.

I wanted to create a galley copy for family and friends to enjoy while I attempt to get an agent who can officially publish my story.

I love the stark white cover design... accented only with my "signature" lime green color and black flowerettes... and if you look closely, you'll see a blank scroll... highly intentional as my story is NOT a memoir, right?! Maybe it's merely a book of blank pages?!

I also love the '90s "vintage" feel of the cover... as I say on my blog... "Please don't judge me on the design of this website. I live in a 1950s bubble. Under a 1970s pet rock. And I'm no HTML web developer. HTML what?" In this case, I would say... "Please don't judge me on the design of this cover. I live in a 1950s bubble. Under a 1970s pet rock. And I'm a poor forty-year-old spinster who STILL uses Microsoft Word '97."  Womp-womp.

Thank you to my family and friends who helped me celebrate my big memoir unveiling this July 1st, 2018. My 10th floor garden-party birthday was a blast... and I'm so glad that my memoir has officially started making the rounds... excited to hear all your thoughts and feedback... you are of course included in my memoir.

Thank you for lighting up these pages and my life!!!!!!!!!

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