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...Key Lime Green "Welcome, 2021"

I give a refreshing "key lime green" welcome to this 2021 year. Truth be told, I had my "end-of-year" mash-up scheduled for New Year's Eve. But, I just couldn't do it. I couldn't click "Publish." 2020 was rough. We all know it. So, I chose not to summarize it. Sufficed to say, I'm still saying prayers every day. And I know 2021 might still have rough days, but I'm trying to stay positive. May 2021 be magical.

In that spirit, why not usher in this new year with a delicious treat imbued with one's "signature color?" Mine is lime green. What's yours?

Yup, this New Year's Eve I made the below delish-dessert. All hail my homemade Key Lime Pie! Culinary legend has it that the great Key Lime Pie was invented in the luscious tropics of Key West, Florida, in the 1930s, though there is considerable debate.

And I wish my below photo did it justice. I fear my visuals are letting me down.

Anyway, I was so excited years ago when I came across this surprisingly easy (and healthy!) dessert recipe online. Of course this cold dessert is primo during summer, and I'd imagine in Key West, Florida, where you can eat it all picnic-style under a palm tree (wink). But in an effort to bring a sunny warm breeze to a cold winter day, I was all Rebel "With" a Cause this past December 31st. Thanks, James Dean! And Happy New Year, everyone! See recipe below the photo.

Ingredients: plain yogurt, honey graham crackers, fresh lime, sugar

Instructions: scoop your yogurt into a glass, add sugar (amount to your liking), and add a few squeezes of your fresh lime juice. Then crush 1-2 graham crackers on the top (or grate them if you prefer a "sprinkles" effect). Garnish with the lime wedge.

This recipe is a fun, healthy alternative to the traditional Key Lime Pie, and is excellent for parties. You can prepare your individual servings beforehand, or have a little "do-it-yourself" dessert station. Guests can create their own version of the dessert, making it as sweet (with the sugar) or as tart (with the lime) as he/she likes. And the graham crackers on the top is uniquely cool (and crunchy!).



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