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  • Jennifer

...Feliz and Lykkelig "Fish Tacos at Fjord"

Summer 2019 has fast become my “foodie” summer. From scrumptious Italian on Arthur Ave, to a Peruvian Andes Mountain view in Port Chester, I am circling our vast globe all from the comfort of my Connecticut back-yard. Last week, it was Mexican fish tacos at Norway’s own Fjord in Darien. Yes, it's Modern Fusion ingenuity meeting my Old World heart. Hey there!

To date, these are the best fish tacos I’ve ever eaten. Now I’m no regular on the “fish taco” circuit (if there is one?), but Fjord is worth mentioning. What makes them so blog-worthy?

1. FRESHNESS – These fishes got flava’. Envision pan-seared halibut, sprinkled with fresh lime. Then add diced tomatoes, red onions, lettuce, and cilantro. All huddled in a cozy soft taco. It’s North Atlantic meets Baja Pacific, and a side of summer cole slaw and french fries. It’s a feast for the palate. Fish is fine. And healthy. Full of omegas. Yada, yada, yada. But if ya ain’t got the freshness, it’s a limp race to the finish line (aka, finishing your meal). Fjord delivers a fresh catch. Imagine icy fishing nets circa those hardy 1800s and then Norwegian maelstroms. Ah…

2. GENEROUS PORTIONS – Fjord doesn’t scrimp on portions. You get three fish tacos, plus cole slaw, and french fries. The first time I ordered this dish, I had to suck in my stomach. But in a good way. The fish tacos were the largest I’ve ever encountered (as if I meet these specimens on the street – “hey, you got the time?”). But yes, they were large and intimidating at first glance. But once I dove in, well, they were so light, flaky, and zesty. And the coleslaw was so smooth and summery. And the fries were so salty and crispy. Bail on this feast? No way. See ya at the bottom of my plate, folks. I was all in.

3. NOT PRICY! – The above meal is only $12.95. Well worth it for a delish dish that borders on gourmet, artisanal. Refer to the “About” section of this blog. You’ll see that I’m an “unofficial, untrained foodie.” So, I can’t validate those two positive adjectives. But it doesn’t really matter. The food tastes really good. And I’m excited to return and order a different dish. I hear their fish and chips are rockin’, too. I am on my way to England. Who knew. Here’s to my globetrotting “foodie” summer. Go to Fjord!

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